The Inkey List 10% Urea Moisturiser



Dry, rough and textured skin getting you down? Then allow us to introduce your skin to the SuperSolutions 10% Urea Moisturizer from THE INKEY LIST. Clinically proven to grant 24-hour moisturization after one application, this quickly absorbing formulation is your one-stop-shop to thirst-quenched skin. 1% colloidal oat helps to calm and soothe irritation and redness that often goes hand in hand with dry, depleted skin. The hero ingredient – urea – is infused at 10% to flood the skin with much-needed hydration while gently exfoliating away rough surface skin cells. Enter, plumped, hydrated and baby-soft skin.

Apply a pea-sized amount to cleansed face and neck morning and/or evening. Can also be added to more specific areas which may be drier. We always recommend to patch test before your use it for the first time. You can apply your preferred serums before applying this moisturiser. We wouldn’t recommend using this product with other products containing benzoyl peroxide, BHAs, AHAs, retinol.

Instantly provides intense hydration and improvement in texture, roughness and smoothness after 4 weeks. Please note that it can take up to 3 months of consistent use for more persistent skin concerns.