Our commitment to you

Your health and well being are of the highest concern to us and it is for this reason that we at Temple Bar Pharmacy are pleased to be able to offer our customers a wide range of comprehensive healthcare and advisory services.

Should you wish to avail of any of these services, please call in to the pharmacy. A private consultation room is available in the pharmacy for your discretion if needed.

So call in today, our staff are friendly and always willing to help with any query you may have.

Services we offer

Medicines Disposal

Is your medicine cabinet filled with expired drugs or medications you no longer use? How should you dispose of them? Take the hassle out of worrying which medicines are safe to dispose of yourself by bringing them into us. We will ensure that proper guidelines are followed in their disposal.

Medicines Management

We offer expert solutions, designed to improve cost-effectiveness and drive patient oriented outcomes with their medicines. We have hands-on experience of working directly with GPs and have a proven track record of delivering improvements in savings and quality.

Specialist Health Screening

We offer an extensive health screening service to help you with your health care. We provide Diabetes Screening, Cholesterol checks and Blood Pressure Checks. All screening services include advice and consultations about what your options are for dealing with any potential problems that may arise in results.

Private Consultation

All our customers are invited to use this room to discuss private general health matters with our pharmacists. All matters are treated with the utmost respect and privacy.

Repeat Prescription Service

Repeat Prescriptions Service is a convenient way to manage your repeat prescriptions, saving you time and extra, unnecessary trips to your GP.

To avail of the service come into the store, give us your details and we will we will hold your prescription on file. You can then collect your medicines directly from us, if it is more convenient, we’ll post your medicines to you.

Travel Healthcare Preparation

Our travel healthcare preparation service exists to ensure you can travel anywhere in the world safe in the knowledge that you have done all you can to remain healthy and so relax and enjoy your travel. To this end, we provide foreign travel vaccines and a service that is as comprehensive as possible.

Doctors Surgery Adjacent

Access to the Temple Bar Medical Centre is directly through our shop. This arrangement is very beneficial to patients, customers and ourselves. You can visit the medical centre here: http://www.templebardoc.com/

Weight Loss Programme (Lipotrim®)

Lipotrim involves the use of nutrient-complete formula total food replacement products, developed in Britain by qualified nutritionists and experts in weight management, and proven to be safe and effective in helping you lose weight.

The unique foods keep you healthy whilst losing weight by providing the full range of nutrients your body needs for a normal, active life.

Lipotrim started out in 1987 as a GP programme but was extended to pharmacy to make it more accessible to overweight and obese people who were serious about wanting to lose weight.

When you join the programme, we will give you weekly support to help you reach your desired weight.

Food Intolerance Testing

Although food is at the centre of many social occasions, it has it’s antisocial side too – in the form of food intolerance. Have you ever felt any of the following symptoms and thought it was normal?

– Gas, cramps, or bloating
– Heartburn
– Headaches
– Irritability or nervousness

We test for 46 different food intolerances with next-day results. We also give expert advice on what to do next if you are one of the 80 percent of the population with undiagnosed food sensitivities.

Call in to us to make an appointment or consultation.

Free Blisterpack Service

Do you find it hard to manage your medicines? Do youcare for someone who takes multiple medicines? We provide a free blisterpacking service. Blister packing of medicines prevents any confusion thatcan be associated with complex regimens. Medicines are arranged in weekly blisterpacks, and the tablets are separated into compartments based on day of the weekand time of day (Morning, Noon, Evening and Night). Attached to the blister pack you will find printeddetails about colour, size and shape of the tablets. This is criticalinformation for patients and their carers that will allow them to become familiar with their medication

Emergency Contraception Dispensing

What is Emergency Contraception? Emergency contraception is a secondary method or ‘back-up’ contraceptive. It can be used if you want to avoid an unplanned pregnancy after you have had sex without using contraception or if contraception has failed (e.g. the condom slipped or you missed a pill). Emergency contraception is more effective the sooner you take it after having unprotected sex. Emergency contraception does not provide any protection from sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Call into us to find out your choices with emergency contraceptives and ask for a private and consultation about the best option for you.